What we do?

What we do?

Provide a resource to connect the community and local charities in West Michigan.
Help individuals and families in need by describing how these local charities help and their contact information.
Provide an online directory of West Michigan charities; giving our local residences and businesses who want to volunteer/donate a place to connect.
Promote events for a cause in West Michigan allowing people the opportunity to attend or volunteer. We list charity and fundraisers events that are for a cause. i.e. Mary is having a fundraiser to provide support for medical cost for “cancer”, which her friends are putting on for her at a local restaurant.


To help people in need and charities who serve them. To be a servant to others as we were designed. We were made to contribute and not just consume. May we make a difference right here in our own backyard and provide a little extra love to others in need. We might not be able to change the world BUT we can make a difference.

I dedicate this to our community, to the people of West Michigan who have the desire to make a difference but just don't know how…this is for you!
I personally love helping people and love getting involved. My friends and family ask how to start, where to go, who needs help….this is the reason for the new life of Cause & Connect, to help you connect to serve others.
I also dedicate this to my father, who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis, my grandparents whom suffered from cancer, my grandma that wants to volunteer but medically cannot as she is a part of the reason this came to life.

A Servant of our Lord